Life is full of surprises, and not all of them are good ones. You’ve worked hard to grow your business through difficult times, and you need to protect that investment with the right commercial property insurance. No matter what business you’re in–whether you’re self-employed or have a large staff–you need to protect your livelihood from unforeseen circumstances and interruptions. The experts at Lane’s insurance will develop a commercial property insurance policy that meets your needs, so you can know your business is protected.

We offer inclusive, business-specific bundles to meet almost any type of commercial insurance requirement. For those businesses with specific needs, we can also customize our packages to meet your individual requests. Although there are many different types of commercial insurance options, they generally fall into one of the following categories.

  • Commercial Property Insurance – When an unforeseen event like a fire occurs, or a water pipe bursts, commercial property insurance not only protects the value of the building that houses your business from damage or loss, it goes beyond to protect the contents inside. This can include any equipment, machinery, furniture or even inventory that may be in the building when disaster strikes.
  • Business Interruption Coverage – If your business facility is uninhabitable while it is being rebuilt from a disaster, it will force you to close your doors to customers, resulting in a loss of income. By adding business interruption coverage to your commercial property insurance, you will be reimbursed for the profits that you would have earned, helping to recover some of that lost income.
  • Commercial General Liability Insurance – You should consider commercial general liability (CGL) or comprehensive insurance to protect your business from lawsuits. Lawsuits alleging personal injury, bodily injury, or property damage are covered under this kind of policy. If you don’t own the building where your business is located, this kind of insurance can also protect you if you are responsible for any damage to that building.
  • Professional Liability Insurance – Professional liability insurance (also called errors and omissions or professional’s insurance) is strongly recommended for any professionals who perform work for anyone. In the case of a lawsuit in which a client asserted your company’s work was done improperly, poorly, or caused them harm or expense, professional liability coverage would protect you.
Commercial Property Insurance

Remember, a good insurance policy not only protects you; it is essential to your company’s success. At Lane’s Insurance, we know that every business is unique and has special needs. We will help you identify those needs and provide you with the best coverage to protect your business.