Although farm insurance is very similar to homeowners insurance, a farmer’s property is a lot more than a simple house. As one of Alberta’s valued growers and ranchers, your home is also your business, and there are a lot of details that need to be covered.

Lane’s Insurance brokers of Calgary have specialists in farm insurance on hand, and through our providers we can offer a number of different products and options to protect you and your livelihood.

Farm Insurance

Coverage for Farm Buildings: Farm insurance covers the home on your property as well as barns of all kinds, including, but not limited to Quonset huts and drive sheds. Farm insurance can also provide coverage for construction projects.

Coverage for Farm Machinery: Lane’s providers cover a wide variety of farm machinery. Your tractors, trailers, A.T.V.s, combines and irrigation equipment can all be included on your farm insurance policy. We also suggest adding Loss of Use coverage (similar to that available on auto insurance policies) so that should any detailed item break down you can remain in operation while repairs are being made.

Coverage for Livestock: Livestock is also insurable, with coverage ranging from basic Fire and Explosion to broad protection that includes incidences such as attacks by dogs or wild animals and stranding.

Deductibles for Farm Insurance: Deductible options for farm insurance are numerous, and can range from $0 to $5,000, depending on your requirements.

Loss of Earnings: Similar to coverage provided to business owners – because you are one – we also offer Loss of Earnings coverage in the event of a loss through an insured event.

Our friendly staff is knowledgeable in daily farming operations and is sympathetic to time constraints placed on you at various times during the year. At Lane’s, we are always available to you to discuss your insurance needs and requirements, whether at your home or in our office. We will design and build a customized insurance policy based solely on your individual needs.