You’ve worked hard to build a good life for yourself. Maybe you have a quiet cottage by the lake that you rent out when your family isn’t using it; or maybe you have several properties that you rely on for additional income. When it was just your family using that cottage, you probably made sure to include it on your homeowner’s policy. As the owner of a seasonal rental, you need to think about all the possibilities, and protect your investment. At Lane’s Insurance, we will help you weigh your options and choose a policy that meets all your needs.

Protect your investment with the right coverage.. If you own a seasonal rental property, our experts will provide you with personalized insurance solutions, so you don’t have to worry about whether your property is protected.

Types of coverage

There are several different types of rental property insurance to consider. As the property owner you need to insure your rental property against fire, weather damage, and other dangers.

Rental Property Insurance

  • Coverage A – This is the simplest type. It covers a single building dwelling that you own and rent to others.

  • Coverage B – If your property includes sheds or a detached garage, this is the right choice for you.

  • Coverage C – If your property is a seasonal rental, it is probably furnished. If so, this type, which covers your personal property inside the dwelling, is what you need.

  • Coverage D – Do you rely the on rent from this property to sustain your lifestyle? If that’s the case, you’ll want to be sure you have rental value coverage, which covers the loss of income related to an insured peril.

You’re a landlord now.

Even if you only rent a seasonal property for a few days or a week at a time, you’re still a landlord, and it is essential you’re protected and make sure your tenants are adequately informed. Obviously, your policy doesn’t have to cover your tenant’s belongings, but you do need to protect against liability to other parties. Your coverage should include liability protection to tenants for personal injury and any property loss or damage caused by you or other tenants. It is a good idea to specify in your lease or rental agreement that they should provide their own insurance for their personal property and for any injury their actions might cause to other tenants and visitors to the building. Often tenants don’t realize this and assume they’re covered by the owners’ insurance policy.

Whether your seasonal rental property is your retirement getaway or a cottage by the lake, it is important to you, and helping you keep it safe and secure is important to us. At Lane’s Insurance, we know that everyone has special needs. We will help you identify those needs and provide you with the best possible coverage to protect your property.